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Employsure Adviser Jeanine Murphy

Jeanine Murphy

Senior Employment Relations Adviser

New South Wales

With a proven track record in delivering high quality organisational and people processes across multiple industries and settings, Jeanine is a rounded and professional human resources generalist with 10 years experience in human resources and people management.

Jeanine has her BA degree in Industrial Psychology and her BA degree in Human Resource Management from the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg.

Having started her career as an Human Resources Consultant for a boutique human resources practice in Johannesburg, Jeanine spent a number of years in Dublin, Ireland as the Human Resources Officer for NTR PLC, a large renewable energy investment group before moving to Sydney in 2015 and taking up her current role as Employment Relations Adviser for Employsure.

Coupled with her drive to improve the working lives of all those she deals with directly or indirectly, Jeanine delivers a unique combination of hands-on practical human resources experience and solutions with sound employment relations advice.

With its aim to become the greatest force for all workplace safety and compliance matters, Employsure was an obvious choice for Jeanine.

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