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Case Study
Hank's Jam: Security as my business grows

What originally started as a fun hobby and a way to fund Hank’s love for surfing and travelling, Hank's Jam took off and now, 23 years later, is a household name, with products being sold Australia wide and overseas. Hank’s Jam now employs a team of 10 staff members to assist with ensuring ‘Hanksters’ receive the quality chutneys, sauces and jams they love. As the company continues to grow, Employsure provides the peace of mind in knowing we are working right beside them.


Hank did not expect his hobby to take off the way it did, and never intended to do it full time. With this in mind, the ownership was taken over but as the business continued to grow, the need became clear to implement more formal employment processes and documentation as soon as possible. In addition, there were so many questions regarding staff, their entitlements and the overall employment obligations that the new owners were uncertain of where to turn. Following advice from their business accountant, they contacted Employsure.

What we did

“Our accountant suggested we speak with Employsure and it is the best thing we ever did.”

One of Employsure’s specialist Consultant visited Hank’s Jam and conducted a workplace review of all employment practices, procedures and any policies in place, identifying gaps and areas which required improvement or change.

Employsure provided Hank’s Jam with much needed comprehensive and tailored documentation including employee handbooks and contracts, while providing advice on how to implement them into the business.

The Result

Alleviating the burden.

Having access to Employsure’s unlimited advice continues to alleviate the burden associated with managing any employment concerns which may arise. Hank’s Jam no longer has to ponder over issues as they can come directly to Employsure, where they know they will receive the most accurate and up to date advice.

Peace of mind.

Hank’s Jam loves knowing Employsure is there whenever they need. They have experienced a few concerns but with Employsure’s help, the issues were quickly and professionally addressed before negatively affecting the business.

The result.

Prior to joining Employsure, Hank’s had so many questions and did not know where to begin looking for answers. Nor did they have the confidence that any answers found were correct.

The business now has the assurance to know they are meeting their obligations as an employer. 2016 is presenting Hank’s Jam with more and more opportunity to launch into new markets and their next phase of growth. Knowing they are ready and prepared, with Employsure right beside them, provides the extra confidence that they are set up for success.

“It gives me peace of mind knowing I can ring at any time.”

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