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Case Study
nsquared: clarity, every time

Founded and launched by Neil Roodyn, nsquared began eight years ago when Neil realised there was an opportunity to fundamentality shift the way businesses held meetings by enhancing how participants interact with each other. nsquared has radically changed the structure of meetings by allowing users to review and manipulate documents and/or images with a single touch. Once the business launched, one of Neil's main concerns was ensuring he was meeting all his employment obligations, spending hours researching - until he joined Employsure.


When Neil started nsquared he did not know whether the small amount of documentation implemented was adequate, accurate or in line with his employment obligations, and he knew he did not have the correct policies and procedures in place.

Neil felt confused when reviewing complicated legislation, nor was he confident in his ability to keep on top of the continual changes made. Neil felt he could search the internet for hours and still not know if he had the correct information, leaving him worried about not meeting their obligations.

What we did

Neil knew that in order to progress to the next stage in the business, he needed correct information and up to date documentation.

Upon contacting Employsure, Neil was thrilled at the process and the immediate assistance available.

One of our specialised Consultants visited nsquared to review the employment processes and identify any gaps or areas for improvement. Employsure provided Neil with comprehensive tailored documentation and advised on how to implement them into the business, to assist in meeting his obligations. Aside from crucial employment contracts and many other associated documents, Employsure also produced Nsquared specific employee handbooks that helped to clarify all the policies and procedures required within their business and assisted with implementing them and gaining staff buy-in.

The Result


Neil knows that when he calls Employsure’s advice line, the advice they are receiving is up to date and relevant to their business. When there is a challenge or question he needs answered, having access to the advice line is similar to him “receiving a hug over the phone”.


nsquared’s processes are now more streamlined, with Neil knowing that if legislation or his business process changes, Employsure will ensure he is kept up to date, providing new and relevant documentation and advice.

Our advice line continues to provide Neil with ongoing support, helping him clarify the best course of action for any query or issue when it comes to employment relations. He is now reassured that any concerns associated with employees, or when inducting new staff members, Employsure is there to assist every step of the way.


Employsure has given Neil the peace of mind to know he is doing right by his employees, and in turn, has provided staff with the confidence he has their best interests at heart.


I would not know where to get all the correct information Employsure provides me with. I could search the internet for hours and still not know if it is right.”



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