Employing Casuals in Australia 

A recent Court decision may affect the entitlements of your casual employees. This Guide will tell you more.

Free Policy – Infection Control In The Workplace

A free policy suitable for most businesses. Identify, assess and control infection transmission hazards in the workplace.

Wages in Australia 2020 Guide

The national minimum wage increase for 2020-2021 has been announced. Are you confident you understand the minimum wage, allowances, entitlements and other aspects of Australia's minimum wage system?

What To Expect When Facing An Unfair Dismissal Claim

Facing an unfair dismissal claim? This guide will set out what to expect

Reopening Your Workplace Guide

If you're considering opening your business post-COVID, this guide may help you assist in you setting up your business for success.

Coronavirus Guide For Business Owners

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, understand basic employer obligations to employees, including sick leave, quarantine and remote working.

Minimum Wage 2019 Guide

Learn to survive the minimum wage increase in 2019.

Personal/Carer’s Leave Guide

Personal/Carer’s Leave has changed – have you?

Small Business Flu Season Survival Guide

Sick leave incurs a tremendous financial burden to workplaces.

Small Business Public Holiday Survival Guide

Public holidays pose a unique challenge to employers, know your public day rights and responsibilities.

Small Business Trends for 2019

Learn about the key trends set to impact small businesses in 2019, and how to apply these to your organisation.

Minimum Wage 2018 Guide

What is the minimum wage in Australia 2018 and how does it affect you? Find out now.

5 Pitfalls for Small Business Owners – and how to avoid them

Learn about where your business blindspots are, and identify issues that hold back business growth.

Protecting Small Businesses.

This e-guide shares 5 important obligations that employers need to know to protect their business and their people.

Real Estate Industry Guide.

This guide outlines recent changes to the Real Estate Industry Award, plus covers essential industry-specific tips and advice.

Small Business Trends for 2018.

Learn about the key trends set to impact small businesses in 2018, and how to apply these to your organisation.

How to start a business.

From planning and research to hiring and managing staff, read our tips here for creating a successful startup.

Workplace discrimination, bullying and violence

Our e-guide helps you navigate more difficult situations faced as a business owner.

Work Health and Safety

Get on top of the safety obligations in your workplace. Our e-guide helps you build an effective policy.

Employment Contracts and Legislation.

Understanding the legislation surrounding employment contracts is essential. Get informed with our e-guide.

Fair Work in Australia.

Employers need to understand The Fair Work Act to run a business. Download our free e-guide for the essentials.

Leave obligations.

Understanding leave obligations can be a challenge for employers, download our free e-guide to get informed.

Employee performance and termination.

Employee performance and termination should be handled carefully, download our free e-guide to find out more.

Wages and Modern Awards.

Australia's Modern Award system can be difficult to understand, download our free e-guide to ensure compliance.