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Employsure is committed to the efficient and effective handling of complaints to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome for our clients.
We acknowledge the value of complaints as an important tool in monitoring and responding to clients’ expectations. We commit to using all feedback to improve the level of our service and our products.


Employsure’s Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy aims to increase our stakeholder’s satisfaction with Employsure. It also establishes a framework for managing complaints and disputes and acts as a point of reference regarding interpretation.


Employsure’s Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy aims to provide an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for managing and resolving all complaints and disputes highlighted to Employsure by its clients and other parties. Under Employsure’s Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy, a complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to Employsure in relation to its services, or its actions, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.


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What happens when a feedback is
received by Employsure?

Written Feedback

We will acknowledge the complaint in writing to the complainant as soon as practical within 24 hrs.
Employsure’s Client Experience Team will then investigate and work with the complainant towards a resolution. We will respond to the complainant with a final outcome, in writing, within fifteen (15) business days, or at a later date if agreed to by the Complainant.

Policy Principles

Employsure will review the Complaints Handling and
Dispute Resolution Process regularly to ensure that it is
functioning in line with this policy.


Complainants have a right to be heard and respected. Employsure will carefully consider all information provided by a complainant, tell the complainant about the Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Process and how the complaint or dispute is progressing, whilst respecting the complainant’s privacy.
Employsure will ensure that the complainant is fully informed about any decisions or outcomes from the complaint or dispute including a clear explanation as to how thef outcome was determined.

complainant rights

Employsure recognises, promotes and protects complainants’ rights, including the right to comment and complain.


Employsure has adequately trained and well supported staff to handle complaints and disputes and will use this policy as part of their induction program.


Employsure will acknowledge receipt of each complaint immediately and will make every attempt to resolve complaints and disputes as soon as possible. Employsure will also keep the complainant informed of the progress of their complaint. Replies will be in the form as requested and can be via email, telephone or in writing.


Employsure monitors all complaints and disputes so that we can improve the quality of our products, services and communication.


Employsure does not charge a fee for dealing with complaints or disputes.


Responding to a complaint or dispute will, where possible, include a remedy appropriate to the situation. Remedies may include:

  • information
  • referral
  • apology
  • other action as appropriate

All aspects of complaints and disputes will be addressed and where appropriate, Employsure will consider offering the same remedy to others who may have had a similar experience but who have not lodged a formal complaint or dispute.


This policy is published on Employsure’s website.

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