Tips & Tricks for Better Workplaces

Tips & Tricks for Better Workplaces

As far as Employsure is concerned, the three pillars of health are mind, body, and business.

How can an enterprise operate at peak efficiency if it’s bloated with practices that promote complacency, lethargy from over-management, and inflexibility at all the crucial organisational joints?

Here are the 5 Employsure lessons to shape up your business.

1) Build a strong company culture 

The million billion dollar question of how you can unify strangers with unique perspectives, ambitions, and experiences together under a single idea. Social cohesion.

Social cohesion is the difference between a business where employees clock in just to pay the bills – and an enterprise that employees are proud to build from the ground up. This begins with a strong company culture.

At its core, this lesson is a crash course on group psychology and ideology.

  1. Define your values
  2. Acknowledge & celebrate your differences
  3. Instil a foundation of trust
  4. Remember your employees are human
  5. Stay consistent

2) Keep your meetings short (like half an hour short)

Account for every single minute instead of slumping in that chair, fighting heavy eyelids, and nodding along to discussions that could have definitely been covered in an email.

  • Richard Branson (Virgin Group) famously takes his meetings standing up as a physical metric for how much time has passed (your feet will tire long before your mind).
  • Elon Musk (PayPal/Tesla/SpaceX/The Boring Company) plans his days in five-minute increments.
  • Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) apparently never takes a meeting unless someone is writing a check.

Time is the number one commodity. Not reserve capital, not land, and not even intellectual property. It has, and always will be, time. Because time is the one thing you can never accrue more of… and time is the building block to meaningful action. 

3) If you’re planning to micromanage, then you’re planning to fail

Face it. No one likes to feel as though they’re having their hand held. Micromanagement is the not-so-silent killer of motivation, independence, creativity, and job satisfaction. It essentially exists to undermine both the capabilities and autonomy of an employee.

If you ever find yourself monitoring things a little too closely, our advice is to take a step back. Have faith in your hires. Give them some time, and you may find that employees will become more invested, seize the opportunity to flourish, and perhaps even feel more inclined to stick around for the long haul (reducing turnover rates).

4) Reward your best talent, keep your best talent

Two words: horizontal promotions. Rather than struggle to raise your best talent up, enable them to explore around.

  1. Create purpose, not titles
  2. Use challenges as motivation
  3. Capitalise on their passion

Retaining your best talent will always be a challenge. More so for smaller businesses, as there’s far less wiggle room in comparison to larger corporations who will offer the world. Just remember there are other ways you can recognise the top employees and allow personal grow without restructuring your entire business.

5) Happy employees are healthy employees 

No matter what anyone tells you, make no mistake – mental health matters. Take care of those who work for you, give them time and space to breathe, and ensure there are adequate opportunities to rest and recharge.

The possibilities are virtually endless for the company that takes care of its workers. Right from the outset, some benefits include (though are not limited to):

  • Increased productivity due to employees being able to function soundly
  • Cost saving due to lack of absenteeism and potentially lower turnover rate (healthy and happy employees also means career longevity)
  • General positivity – a mentally healthy workplace will bring the best out of employees, which can be passed onto the consumer experience


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