Minimum wage was under $1/hour in 1966, here’s how far we’ve come since

The new minimum wage has just been announced to be an hourly rate of $19.49. This 3% increase from the previous figure translates into a full-time wage of $740.80 per week, effective July 1st of this year.

As the times have changed, so too has the minimum wage. Ten years ago, it was $14.31 per hour – and in 1966, it was under a single dollar an hour!

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The infographic below traces how far we’ve come in the fifty plus years since Australia’s $1/hour minimum wage.

 1966 – $36.37 per week (averaged across states and territory)

Vietnam War protests, “The Batman” television series starring Adam West makes its debut.

1969 – $42.65 per week (averaged across states and territory)

Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon, The Beatles release “Abbey Road”.

1972 – $51.35 per week (averaged across states and territory)

Gough Whitlam becomes the 21st Prime Minister, Watergate Scandal.

1976 – $100.70 per week

Medibank Private is established, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak form Apple Computers.

1985 – $167.50 per week

Live Aid, Michael Jordan is named NBA Rookie of the Year.

1989 – $214.29 per week

Tiananmen Square, Toyota company launches Lexus brand.

1995 – $284.45 per week

Qantas becomes a private company, Microsoft releases Windows 95.

1999 – $385.40 per week

The UK surrenders the sovereignty of Hong Kong, Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace is released in cinemas.

2005 – $484.40 per week

World population reaches 6.5 billion, YouTube is founded. 

2009 – $543.78 per week

Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States, Fair Work Ombudsman is established.

2012 – $606.40 per week

London hosts the Summer Olympics, “Curiosity” Mars rover successfully lands.

 2018 – $719.20 per week

Scott Morrison successfully challenges Malcolm Turnbull to become the 30th Prime Minister, France wins the FIFA World Cup.

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