Your Guide to HR Boot Camp

HR Boot Camp is an intensive training course, designed by a pool of industry experts, to shape-up your business.

During this course, you will receive 4 different resources – each of which concluded with a webinar hosted by an expert trainer on that topic.

Workout for your workplace

This Boot Camp delivers a diet of the four major groups essential to all businesses (from cost savings to hiring the right way) and it is completed with exercise regimes that can be tailored for the specific needs of individual workplaces.

Alongside professional advice, HR Boot Camp will build your business stamina, create workplace athletes, and help you overcome corporate hurdles.

What exactly can you expect?

HR Boot Camp offers every business owner a trainer kit with free resources. This includes:

4 Free Resources

1) Workbook: Top 5 HR Shape-Ups
2) Checklist: Safety & Policy
3) E-guide: Business Cost Savings
4) Toolkit: Your Employees’ Life Cycle

4-part Webinar Series hosted by Industry Experts

The kit also includes interactive webinars hosted by industry experts on each of the topics above.

These webinars can be watched live where you can post questions and get immediate answers from the business trainer, or you can get the webinars on-demand and watch them at your own pace and convenience.

Get your business fit today!

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